Staying Fit

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What a struggle. If I'm not running every day - I'm computer-ing for two weeks straight. Jokes aside though, I feel my best when I'm active and outdoors. This summer, my boyfriend dragged me out on many a trail ride, which I didn't complain about, that is until the 15th kilometer uphill... But we then arrived to beautiful secret waterfalls, which made the whole thing worthwhile.

For anyone looking to find out how to stay in shape? I like intermittent fasting as a way to heal and auto-repair my body during the day, paired with high-fat homemade organic coconut & almond milk matcha lattes - followed by a high protein and macro-nutrient dense dinner that covers the calories I need to intake before the end of the day. I've tried all sorts of ways of eating (because of digestion problems) and I've found this to be the best fit for me. I personally don't do so well on carbs and sugar (makes my heart beat fast) and they tend to make me bloated for days. But this doesn't keep the occasional chocolate square or drink away (because - healthy and good for the moral!)

I also don't drink much anymore. Because my liver, at 27, seems to be hexing most alcohol. Wine included, unfortunately. But I definitely find that, without regular exercise, my hypothyroid metabolism slows down - and my mood takes a real hit. The fix to feeling restless? Pop on your sneakers and go out for a run! Or swim... or hit the gym. Whatever makes your cookie crumble.