Booking Taken


After auditioning for Stephanie Gorin for the first time, I definitely did not expect to book anything right away. But I guess that, paired with the several other auditions I'd been to since I'd moved to Toronto, it's always just a matter of time - and luck. She was easy to be with and surrender to, and it lead to a quick: "You're booked!" from my agent, a few hours later. Sometimes, it's just that fast. Everyone made up their mind and had the time. Which is rare, but I'll take it!

In plain words, David Wellington was a pleasure to work with. He gets actors - and those who get to work with him are very lucky. He's the kind of guy that you know brought you there for a reason, and trusts that you'll just do your job. No bells and whistles, or over-explanations necessary. We both made open suggestions as we went along - brainstorms of circumstance - which helped enhance my performance by a mil, and the rest fell into place. I was glad to be offered such confidence from a director, even in a small role, as it gave me more, and the space to deliver, without stress. Only creation - totally focused in the most crucial of moments.

Needless to say that all actors need a director to see them - to see their potential and what they can bring. It's what we're all looking for. Or, at least in my case, with a director as a father, it's a connection I can't do without. I understand it; what it means to him personally - and to them in general. And I've now understood - as I have lived it - that my my best work comes when I get the person I'm working with, and they get me. Thing is, although fun, the work is always demanding and challenging, so it's made much simpler when the connection between it's creators - who are building towards a bigger goal, a bigger picture - is seamless and easy. So, here's hoping the future will bring more of the same.

There was a lot of special effects makeup involved - a LOT. Blood, scabs, wounds. And without revealing the punch line (although NBC has encouraged us to openly share behind the scenes pictures on social media), I think it will be a thrill to watch. I very much look forward to episode 11. And had a lot on fun on set, settling in.

It felt like home.