Booking A Worthy Companion (Allure)

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 1.35.16 PM.png

Funny me stepped into Elite Casting for one of my first auditions ever (unsuspecting that I would then also meet the love of my life), asking where I should sit, as the church pews were kind of confusing.

Which also lead to booking my first actor role, ever.

I was all too excited to have my first trailer. Not to mention to be working with Evan Rachel Wood.

The scene went well, and the slow motion shot meant that any glance was amplified. So, as it was meant to be somewhat depressing, I sunk into my cowboy boots and delivered drinks to her table with as little contentment as humanly possible.

The whole thing went superbly, aside from tripping on a hidden ledge, sending the drinks flying (thank God everything was fine) - which mortified me for a spit second, before we all laughed it off realized that shit happens.

The movie went on to edit and then onto TIFF, where my (now) significant other and I went to view it.

All in all, the Sanchez Brothers were wonderful to work with - so attentive and gentle - and it was a fun day on set. No complaints - only gratitude!