Moving to Toronto


Well, returning from three weeks in Toronto after TIFF was quite the shock, as it reminded me of how dead Montreal is in comparison - for actors just starting off. It's a great city to get your first bookings in, but, unfortunately (or fortunately!) all actors must eventually leave their home town, if they wish to chase their dream. And mine lead me to TO.

After my return home, I spent two weeks feeling off. Restless. I wasn't sure what was wrong. I had an arrangement in which I'd be able to go back and forth for callbacks and bookings - and was even able to self-tape from home after having laid the legwork out of meeting the local casting directors. But something about not being in the heart of the action was really getting to me. I wanted to be able to access the auditions the next day without a 6 hour bus ride if need be.

And, although I discovered the train (oh, magic), it still wasn't sitting right.

So, after numerous conversations with my boyfriend - I decided to make the big leap to my next city. I sold everything I own and had accumulated after 6 years in apartments, and narrowed it down to a duffle bag, a table and chair, and three big boxes. I love the idea of being light - and being able to stick my life into a car. Jetset and ready, baby!

The transition was great, and I was lucky enough to find 3 fabulous roommates, sharing a house in Leslieville - close to casting. Of course, there was a lot of searching involved, but we finally found something we all loved and that was big enough for 4 adult women (and a kid!)

My boyfriend calls it "actor camp" - which is funny, because at times, it does feel like dorm rooms. But I'm happy to finally in a city that can carry me to the next place.

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