Booking The Harry Quebert Affair


After hoping to audition for Lucie Robitaille for over a year, a few days before moving to Toronto, I got a direct booking on The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair, for a last minute role which was a perfect fit : female TV reporter - interviewing the lead (Ben Schnetzer)!

After all this time, I guess she'd seen that I'd done the legwork, gotten into the union, and was about to move away to keep pushing my career. And I'm sure Ginette Achim's name came in to weigh. (I was already with Ginette in french - but just a week before, she had also taken on the english portion of my work in Quebec.) But whether it was the connection or the hard work, it was still quite the parting present, as the shoot date was actually my *move date* in November. But I was obviously happy to postpone by a couple days to get a chance to add an awesome credit to my resume.

The timing couldn't have been more "synchronicity-y". And as I believe that you get what you put out there, and this was like a big: "Yes, good job, you're going in the right direction" nod from the universe.

So, of course, I dropped a big bouquet off the next time I was in Montreal to thank Lucie.

The shoot day was awesome. Jean-Jacques Annaud is the kind of director that will say: "Can you say something along these lines? Just do it your way." And so, an SOC actor role got bumped to principal - as several lines of improvisation ensued. I love this style, as it involves trust and truth, letting actors do their thing. I very much look forward to seeing the final product!

Episode 1, stay tuned!