Auditions, settling in & avoiding downtown

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So, the first month in Toronto was a little nuts. Nuts only because: serious props to anyone who moves away from home to a new city. I mean, maybe I stayed in Montreal longer than I should have (I know I did)... maybe because my brother was in Vancouver, and I didn't want to leave my parents childless... abroad? Or maybe I was using that an an excuse not to move.

The thing is that I had just recently moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. And while we may have been stepping on each others toes (two Aries in a tin can), it was really hard to leave. Of course, we went through the cliché of: what do we do, what does this mean, how will we make it work? But lucky for us, time and distance has only revieled that we do, in fact, very much love each other - and can't wait to reunite. I've been blessed to find such a wonderful and supporting partner, after all of these years of being attached to people who kept hurting my soul. This one's a keeper, as he has really allowed me to flourish, and discover the meaning of true love.

So, downtown Toronto around Christmas time is kind of insane. Avoid the Eaton Center at all costs, if you can. Which I couldn't, because I'm now obsessed with Keilh's face cream and had to go buy a full container after having tried the tester. This being said, the red Christmas tree was pretty sweet. And so were my friend and her daughter, who I had planned to meet there.

This month has been full of auditions. Film, TV and some commercials too (the actor's bread and butter). Settling in to my new home and changing my room around several times (because, well, it was expected)... as well as making new friends and nurturing old connections.

It doesn't quite feel like "home-home" yet, but I guess I have to give it time. I mean, I don't plan on staying here forever, but still, Toronto has been very generous with me so far, and I feel good things are coming, so it would be nice to be able to get used to it... faster? It's starting to kick in. And perhaps by spring it will feel more familiar.

I figure having my man visit over the holidays might help cozy it up a little, too!