Lara is a playful freelance director, copywriter & content creator from Montreal - who loves to respectfully peak behind the curtain to find out what makes people tick. Full of edgy ideas and savvy in multi and social media, she's also visualist with a strong background in today's challenging web advertising.

Some of her clients have included SID LEElg2, TAXI & CLOUDRAKER. IN 2016, she WAS INVITED TO SPEAK FOR WORDPRESS, TO DISCUSS THE VARIOUS ASPECTS OF launchING AN online magazine (FUCKOFFFF Magazine).


With 6 years of freelance experience, working for Montreal's top advertising agencies, Lara is kind of a brand key-master. Guiding & holding her clients' desires, she extracts their essence into clear, simple and accessible copy that translates the brand's values and identity to the public.

  • Directing & Art Directing
  • Brand Identity & Strategy
  • Voice & Tone
  • Clear, Concise, Brand-Reflective Copywriting
  • Web Video Conception
  • Naming, Tag Lines, Headlines
  • Research & Brainstorming
  • Conceptual Ideas & Avenues
  • Content Outline & Creation
  • Website & Content Strategy
  • Blogs & Online Magazine
  • Adaptations (Fr-Eng)